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Tri-Gold Venture International Corporation's humble beginning.

TRI-GOLD VENTURE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was established in early 1990s and has been engaged in foreign trade especially in indenting various products through its extensive global network of suppliers, enthusiastically taking advantage of the excellence in trade relations in which the company has nurtured and built upon.

This has been founded on commitment to quality, value and on time service. Through the expertise of company’s staff and their communication links with personal contacts in all parts of the world, the company has obtained the very latest market information. The office is equipped with information management system and own business website to service company’s clients to the fullest.

The company recognizes its expertise in the field of business community as well as public sector in general. In carrying out our mission, we shall sustain & elevate our presence and performance and the fields of business and management mindful of different institution that we serve.

The company has pledged to maintain highest level of honesty and integrity; and has remained competitive among the prevailing competitors. We have successfully achieved pleasant business relationship with our Suppliers as well as Buyers thus committed to solid long term partnership and provided our staff with job satisfaction and sense of pride in their respective endeavor.

These are the following products presently maintained:

1. Various Dairy Products;
2. Feed Grains
3. Proteins, Minerals and Amino Acid
4. Chemicals for Preservatives;
5. Frozen Meats from Pork, Beef, & Poultry;
6. Other Analogues Products